One of the Perks of Being a Petsitter & 150 Charles Street


Nights don’t get better than this. My husband got out of work on time, and we headed out with Cora on a long walk past the mass Zumba exercise group gyrating in sync to the Hudson River and down toward Stuyvesant High School and then east toward Washington Square Park. Going on long walks with a great dog are some of the largest perks of being a petsitter.


The Origins of NY Nomads


yoo-nek, NY Nomads keeps it strange, but fun.

As we prepare for the next steps of NY Nomads’ development, we look back into the origins of this site.
We hope to use this site to continue to share advice or inspire others to lives their dreams, no matter how crazy they seem, while learning how to treat the world and others in it with care and love. Expect more from us as we look to make this site bigger, better, and more robust.