The weird beauty on the outskirts of Bakersfield, CA


It sure is beautiful here when you see past the piles of tangled metal car parts, spilled oil on driveways, and dead dogs that run along the main road in and out of Bakersfield pre-dawn (for serious. Scary stumbling along these running pre-dawn along sidewalk-less roads).

My fingers are clotted with red, nearly too numb to type, but I can’t help wanting to record what I see…


10 Billion Lives Tour – Looking for New Friends


2 months ago Grace Reuter and I applied for the Tour Operator position at 10 Billion Lives, a movement organized by F.A.R.M.┬áto inform people across the nation of the importance of reducing meat consumption. While I was intrigued by the position, I never imagined actually getting the job. I volunteer regularly with programs, such as Habitat for Humanity, All Hands, and at work exchanges around the world, but I do not have recent activism or nonprofit experience. Grace, a fairly recent college grad, was in the same boat. However, Todd Lee and Ryan Frazier, have faith in us to bring … Read More