Success versus Failure @ Age 31


Meaning often comes in taking risks, breaking the mold of what people want us to believe is success.

While I do see the value in having enough saved to protect oneself against health ailments and other life obstacles, I think meaning is about helping others.

It’s about thinking how you can make your mark on this world.

How can you not fall victim to roteness? To not being aware that you are living life?


One Week Till I Move Across the Country!


I had not been thinking about the date, but realized last night that I am one week away from moving to California to begin my little adventure into the wild yonder of: California Vegan advocacy College campuses Camper (Class B) van living A different flavor of nomadism (I’m so glad I am staying true to the name of this site!) Showering at Planet Fitness Separation from my husband, Sandy, and everything I have lived in the last 8.5 years in NYC I’m not nervous or scared by the intensity of the work ahead of me cause although there are 55-hour work weeks, which begin … Read More