Am I a Redhead if I have Bright, Fiery Orange Hair?


I try to steer away from self-congratulations, especially in regards my appearance. I live in a city full of 9s and 10s, wagging about in the yoga pants with all the cut slits in the right places to accentuate their flesh. I feel like a 6 on a good day, but Dammnnnn Lesley @hairlove_nyc f’ing brought the house down with this vibrant mix of yellows, oranges, and reds! Personally, I never thought I could be a redhead. I’ve obviously done blues, silvers, purple, and pink. I’ve done various levels of blonde. But when we were in Toronto week ago, while … Read More


Giving up Instagram. Returning to Blogging


It’s not easy, but I’m giving up Instagram. Instagram My Woof Woof NYC account I’m passing to my friend, the glamorous and wonderful, Jabu Ndlovu. He’ll handle posting all our dog and cat photos, while handling communication with clients. I’ll occasionally post on Jennifer Snuffleupagus, but only when I feel driven to it. No longer will I post simply because I desire a reaction. Why? Social Media is More Harmful as it is Pleasurable (at least for me, and many of us) According to Time… One study found that positive interactions on sites like Friendster and MySpace could boost a … Read More