Eating Cheap – Raw or Raw Till 4, Vegan in Las Vegas


Eating Raw Till 4 in Las Vegas doesn’t have to be expensive.

Fruit in the Southwest – Nevada and California – generally is pretty cheap! Less travel costs = Less cost for you.

We are talking

$2 large papayas
20-cent ripe Golden Delicious apples
33-cent kiwis
33-cent golden mangoes
$1.50 10 lbs bags of potatoes
50-cent per pound tomatoes…


Readjusting to Life – Not Living in A Van & A Raw Till 4 Snack


Sometimes in life it is the simple things that count.

Like being able to relax on a couch.

With a hot cup of coffee and fresh produce throughout the day, prepared in a tiny, albeit working, kitchen.

Simple pleasures in Topanga include fresh produce chopped up and a cup of coffee.
Splurging on a cruelty-free, natural, non-GMO, sulfate free, oil free sunscreen from Derma E

Unrestricted to a 7′ by 2′ footprint of a camper van.

I quit the 10 Billion Tour job (I’ll explain later) and am staying with my parents and friends for a couple weeks before heading out to Vegas, and then Thailand for a few weeks.


Raw Till 4 modified diet 


How am I doing on the 30 Bananas a Day turned Raw Till 4 Diet? Day 46 My Tour Partner just asked me how long I had been eating this way. Every day she watches me eat something similar to the following: 1 large papaya 9 bananas 1 large potato 2 medium sweet potatoes No salt ketchup Chocolate pretzel Nugo bar Dark chocolate raspberry Nugo bar Kale 4 carrots 1/2 sweet pepper 2 peaches 20 dates Coffee and 1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk Half pack Trident spearmint 1 large papaya 6 bananas 2 apples 1/2 pepper Kale 1.5 tomatoes 2 … Read More


Best Shape in Years on my Raw Till 4 Diet


I’ve never felt better since switching from a low carb to a high carb Raw Till 4. When I run, I run full of energy. When I run, the energy flows through my body, and where in the past I may be hungry after 3 miles of running, on my current high carb diet I feel evenly sustained throughout my run. I’m hungry sometimes. I miss eating sugary, fatty foods, like cookies or brownies – more importantly, froyo covered in oreos or brownies; however, I get plenty of sweets in the morning and carby starches in the evenings noshing on potatoes … Read More