Tutoring Barron Trump


Have you Tutored Barron Trump?

Over the years I have tutored many students and managed a company, Bright Kids NYC, that tutors NYC students for admissions into private schools and gifted programs. Considering the high percentage of students that enroll in test prep to gain admissions into kindergarten programs in NYC, there is large likelihood that a student like Barron Trump, among many other celebrity children, has been one of the thousands of 4 year olds streaming through our doors to prepare for the IQ-like exam that determines admissions into one of NYC’s elite privates schools. While friends have asked, “Have you tutored Barron Trump?” my answer continues to stand that all student information is private and confidential.

Ok… So if you did tutor Barron Trump? Does it make you feel guilty?

No matter who the parents are of the children I work with, I never feel guilty about educating a child. Providing education to a child is one of the greatest gifts I can give. While I may not agree with every child’s parents that I work with, I would never deny a child a fair and equal education. In fact, I’m hoping in the next couple of seasons to generate a Kickstarter to launch either free or low-cost tutoring material that I would publish online, allowing many parents, including those that cannot afford tutoring or expensive tutoring books, to access test prep material to prepare for the private school and gifted and talented kindergarten admissions exams…