This website is an exploration of my 5 main personalities as someone coming to terms with a mild dose of dissociative (more commonly known as “multiple personality”) identity disorder.

Here is where I gather all of the threads of what makes me me into one tumbler of an appoach.

Violet Beauregarde

Shannon Bonatakis

Veruca Salt

By Audrey Pongracz

Charlie Bucket

Mike Teavee

Augustus Gloop

By Audrey Benjaminsen

Metaphorical Ninja


Career: Jack of All Trades

  • Household Manager – Assistant – Governess – Tutor – Admissions Consultant – Modern Day Mercenary
  • Rover Petsitter – 117 5 star reviews and counting
  • Co-owner of the Jersey City Bnb, an 8-bedroom Bnb, with 6 rooms on Airbnb and 2 rooms hosting work exchange guests and our kickass manager – an 8 minute walk from the Journal Square Path train station into Manhattan
  • PrepScholar Admissions Counselor
  • Creator of non-profit educational site Equality.Education
  • Mentor to University Settlement‘s Reach tutoring program
  • All-around mess and aspiring learner of new trades

Hometown: Small town, Pennsylvania

Years in NYC: 10

Years in Los Angeles: Since October 2019


Having options makes you powerful, and I’m using my power to express m real thoughts without fear of censorship on a site that I think will bring more reality to reality and encourage a little more insight and discussion into the things we often keep private.